Valkyrie Aesthetics Etsy shop

Valkyrie Aesthetics Etsy shop

Hello again everyone! I just wanted to share with you the link to my Etsy shop! Things are a little slow right now as I am getting ready to move, however, they will pick up fast soon. Thank you again for reading!


Valkyrie Aesthetics Initiative

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley-Jaenelle and I am the artist of Valkyrie Aesthetics. I have been drawing, painting, doodling and much more since I was very small and I am constantly expanding my knowledge and skill. I am a versatile artist who is not satisfied with one medium or genre. From manga to american comics, abstract to zentangles and realism to surrealism…I love it all and work to do it all. Art has always been thoroughly therapeutic for me and has helped me heal and grow for many years. I am a multiple trauma survivor and also write the blog “Journey out of the abyss”

I wanted to create this new blog as a way to share my art with others as well as works I admire from other artists. I would also like to work on tutorials, lessons, tips and insights into my work. Feel free to take a look around, comment, share and visit my Etsy shop! Thank you very much for your time and interest!